At Arch Street, we know our glass.  We talk a lot about what that means for office front applications within our systems, but that is far from the extent of what we can provide on a job!  So today, let’s talk about bathrooms by Arch Street.


It may seem like there is only one obvious place to put glass in a bathroom application: the over-the-sink mirror.  While a good amount of the work we do in the space is some variation on mirror glass, it is far from the only good use of glazing that can work in the room.

Specialty Glass

In combination with mirror glass, we have also seen other specialty glass being used to create a cohesive and elegant look.  Practically, adding an element like back-painted glass into a bathroom wall or backsplash makes sense; it is custom-ordered to fit the space, easy to clean in terms of upkeep, and working with a single vendor ensures the different pieces of the design are able to be fabricated and installed together to work in synchrony.

Shower Doors

Another common use-case is shower doors, which often involves both specialty glass and glass-mounted hardware.  While there are many different ways to design a glass shower door, the benefits remain the same: they are again sleek in appearance, easy to clean, and offer a versatile custom element in any size space.

Other Glazing Applications

If these are the common bathroom glazing applications, it is only fair that we also take the time to mention the “uncommon” ones.  Restroom spaces can be a great place to add an unexpected and interesting bit of design that can have a big impact in a small area.  One of our past Arch Street favorites was the bathroom design for a sneaker manufacturer’s office headquarters which integrated lockable infinity mirror display cases showing a variety of colorful shoes extending along the wall.


Want to know why you can’t temper standard mirror glass?  Have questions about your next core and shell design?  Curious about the implications of specialty switchglass, lighting, and more?  Reach out to us!  We’re here to help.