The Little Details

Profile Size: 1 ½” x 4 7/” with options for 4″ base and additional trim and throat sizes

Finishes: stocked clear and black anodized

Lead Time: 3 to 4 weeks for stocked finishes

Manufacturing Location: Michigan, United States


The Big Picture

Our Encase framing system is styled after what is referred to as a Type II framing system, which is a standard in the industry.  One of the original aluminum framing system designs, Type II has stayed around for a reason – it is sturdy, versatile, and extremely customizable.

Encase offers not only a solution with a 4″ base frame, but customizable trim and throat sizes as well.  Throat size specifically is important for this system, as it has the unique ability to work within both finished and unfinished drywall openings.  With options for frameless glass, aluminum-framed, or wood doors, as well as applied or true mullions and a myriad of finish options, it’s no wonder Encase has stood the test of time to remain a popular and valuable offering at Arch Street.

Arch Street Glass provides a unique service in that all our framing systems are stick-built in the field instead of being pre-cut off-site.  Our talented teams of installers cut each individual framing member on the job.  This allows us to ensure a clean and tight fit into each drywall opening based on the actual field conditions, improving aesthetics and acoustic performance.

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