The Little Details

Profile Size: 1 ½” x 2 ⅜” for single-glazed, 1 ½” x 3 ⅛” for dual-glazed

Finishes: stocked finishes include clear and black anodized, but Modernus shines with an incredible array of specialty anodized finishes including champagne, copper, and polished aluminum

Lead Time: 2 to 3 weeks for stocked Riga finishes, 5 to 7 weeks plus shipping for stocked Lama finishes, 8 to 10 weeks plus shipping for Fimo and specialty finishes

Manufacturing Location: Italy


The Big Picture

Modernus is a perfect example of a system defined by exacting engineering and attention to detail.  A side-glazed profile creates a stunningly minimal aesthetic, which can be combined with extremely narrow-profile aluminum-framed doors to complete the effect.  Frameless and framed doors in both swing and sliding, pocket doors, barn doors, and telescoping doors are also all available within the system, making Modernus versatile as well.

The Modernus Lama system incorporates aluminum door frames and sidelites available in a dazzling array of anodized finishes; for added drama, the Fimo system swaps the aluminum door frame for a wood portal that can match a custom wood swing door for a truly outstanding design.

Another element that sets Modernus apart is the commitment of the system to acoustic performance.  Its single-glazed system can accommodate up to ⅝” glass, while the dual-glazed offering can combine laminated panels to achieve up to a 49 STC.  All aluminum-framed and wood doors – both swing and sliding – incorporate a drop seal by default, and careful gasketing is integrated into the frames.  For returns, Modernus can seamlessly combine its single- and dual-glazed framing systems for added sound insulation at the areas that need it most.

Arch Street Glass provides a unique service in that all our framing systems are stick-built in the field instead of being pre-cut off-site.  Our talented teams of installers cut each individual framing member on the job.  This allows us to ensure a clean and tight fit into each drywall opening based on the actual field conditions, further improving aesthetics and acoustic performance.

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